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Kid Rock – Hammersmith Apollo, London 2008-11-30


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This was my third Kid Rock concert, but the first since 2002, when I saw the Kid 2 times on a double headlining tour with Aerosmith. We’ve been talking about seeing him all the time, but since we moved to Sweden we just haven’t had the opportunity. So now we decided to take matters in our own hands and fly to London to see him. And let me tell you, I was totally worth it…

We got to the Apollo an hour before the doors opened, and actually got front row. However, it was way to the side, so we decided to stand a bit further back where you could lean against these bars in the middle of the venue. The Apollo is quite small, so we were still only like 10 meters back or so. Finger Eleven were the opening act. They were totally ok for an opener. I really like Paralyzer, and that one was performed as a medley with a bunch of cool covers thrown in the mix, like Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out and Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.

Kid Rock and his 10 man Twisted Brown Trucker Band took the stage around eight-thirty to the sound of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. Dressed in a white blinged-up track suit he went straight in to Rock N’ Roll Jesus. Man, he sounded so great! I still get chills just thinking about it, and that doesn’t happen to me with so many bands any more. I normally wear earplugs to concerts, but I decided not to this time – I didn’t want to miss a single note! The Kid and his DJ did a cool move during Rock N’ Roll Jesus where the DJ threw a tambourine halfway across the stage to Kid, who then threw it back at the end. If I was involved in something like that, I’d end up getting hit in the eye by the tambourine! ;)

Song number two was You Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me. Now, this was THE song my wife really wanted to hear. It’s so much fun to sing along to Kid Rock’s crazy lyrics, especially when everyone does it. It was really cool how the entire audience was totally into the show, and knew every word. That’s quite rare.

I really enjoyed the bluesy intro to Cowboy. Kid Rock had to excuse himself after the “Fuck Radiohead” bit, saying “Wrong place for that, huh”! :) Half Your Age was great. His drummer, Stefanie, joined him for her female take of the song, the hook being “He’s half your age, and twice the cock”!!!

I was so happy that he did Only God Knows Why, complete with vocoder and all. So awesome! Before So Hott they worked in the Ted Nugent classic Cat Scratch Fever, during which Kid Rock played both drums and guitar. Also, during Forever he even did some scratching on the turntables!

During the last song, Bawitdaba, a flag that was half Stars and Stripes, half Union Jack, came down behind the stage. But let me tell you, I was not ready for it to be over yet. I mean, I guess he said good night after 3 Sheets to the Wind, but it still didn’t seem like Bawitdaba was the last encore, cause he never left the stage. But I can’t complain, cause it was an hour and forty-five minutes of pure rock n’ roll, and definitely the best concert of 2008! Can’t wait to see Kid Rock again!


Start: 20.32

Rock N Roll Jesus
You Never Met A Motherfucker Quite Like Me
American Bad Ass
All Summer Long
Roll On
Cowboy w/ piano intro
Fuck You One More Time
Half Your Age
Only God Knows Why
Ramblin’ Man (Allman Brothers cover)
Forever/ What I Learned Out On The Road
3 Sheets to the Wind
Cat Scratch Fever / So Hott
This Little Light Of Mine

End: 22.17



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  1. Irma says:

    Probably the BEST concert I’ve ever been to. Screamed like my life depended on it! WOO! Take me back!

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