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The Script – Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden 2009-02-16


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Last night I saw The Script in Stockholm at this really cool place called Nalen. It is an old ballroom and absolutely perfect for concerts. The stage is reminiscent of a church, with Corinthian pillars on either side, and a domed ceiling. The acoustics of the place are really great as well, especially in the middle of the room where I was standing.

But, most importantly, The Script were fantastic! Man what a show they put on, from the high energy openers Before the Worst and Talk You Down all through to the closing encore of David Bowie’s Heroes. Danny was wearing a shirt with the words “Axl Rose – Oral Sex” on it – classic! He also went on to say that he had been diagnosed with laryngitis earlier in the day, but decided to do the show anyway. That’s dedication for you (although I can’t help to wonder what happens with their show in Oslo tonight)!

Almost always after I see a band live for the first time, their albums tend to take on a whole new meaning to me. I find myself appreciating the music in a different way after hearing it live, and so also with The Script. They really are a great live band, and you can tell that they’re having fun on stage.

I really enjoyed every minute of the show, but the standout songs to me were The End Where I Begin and Rusty Halo. Again, here are two songs that really come alive when you see them performed in person. And of course We Cry and If You See Kay were great singalongs!

Mark commented on how they were blown away by the venue, saying it was the coolest place they’d played in. I thought it was really cool how Glen played both drums and acoustic guitar during I’m Yours and Heroes.

After the band left the stage, the roadies were throwing guitar picks and drum sticks to the audience. My wife bent down to pick up a guitar pick, and just as she’s grabbing it they throw out a drum stick right next to her, and she’s basically pummeled by a horde of teenagers grabbing for the drum stick. Luckily she wasn’t hurt, so it’s just a funny anecdote from the first time I saw The Script, the first time of many…. Oh, and she did get the guitar pick. :)


Start: 21:55

Before the Worst
Talk You Down
Break Even
We Cry
If You See Kay
End Where I Begin
Fall For Anything
Man Who Can’t Be Moved
Rusty Halo
I’m Yours

End: 22.51





2 Responses to “The Script – Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden 2009-02-16”

  1. Irma says:

    Death by screaming teenaged girls! Not the most dignified way to go. ;) But at least I made it out of there with little more than a footprint on my arm. Great review! I couldn’t have written it better! I just wished that everyone else around us got into the music as much as we did!

  2. HeatherJ says:

    I’m glad you got pictures of the place. I’ve never been there before. It’s really nice!

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