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Bruce Springsteen – Stockholm Stadion, Sweden, 2009-06-04


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This was the first of a trio of Springsteen concerts I’m going to this weekend, and the first concert I’ve ever been to where it rained the entire time. We got to the venue around two o’clock in the afternoon. After a couple of hours they handed out wristbands to everyone in line, so that guaranteed us entry into the pit closest to the stage.

The concert started with Nils Lofgren, who has Swedish ancestry, walking on playing a Swedish song, Idas Sommarvisa, on the accordion while the rest of the E Street Band walked on. Last came Bruce, supporting Clarence. The crowd went nuts! I did quite a bit of “Brooocing” myself. The first song was the classic CCR song Who’ll Stop the Rain, a song the Boss soundchecked earlier in the day because of the terrible weather. Then they went straight into Badlands. Everyone was jumping up and down and singing along!

Out of the new songs, Outlaw Pete is my absolute favorite. And the crowd really loves it too, singing along to every word. Bruce puts on quite a show during this six minute cowboy epic, even putting on a cowboy hat towards the end.

The highlights for me were The Ghost of Tom Joad and Because the Night. Nils’ guitar solos in both songs are just amazing! I love it when he’s spinning around while playing. Unfortunately the solo for Because the Night was not the long version. Other highlights included I’m Goin’ Down, Out in the Street, Cadillac Ranch, and The Wrestler. The latter sounded amazing in a live setting.

The main set ended with Born to Run, followed by a short break before Hard Times kicked off the 40 minute encore. This is an old American standard from 1855. Could this possibly be the oldest song performed at a rock concert? It’s a very soulful number that has the entire band including the backup singers up front. Highlights in the encore for me was Bobby Jean, American Land, and Glory Days. Max Weinberg’s daughter Ally joined the band on accordion during American Land. During American Land, Bruce fell on his ass when jumping off the main stage on to the ramp below. It was so slippery from all the rain that he just landed flat on his back! Nils ran over to him but he was ok. By the next song he was laughing it off saying he broke his ass! But that had to have hurt quite a bit!

Finally I would like to congratulate 18 year old Jay Weinberg on a job well done filling in on drums for his dad Max, who is busy filming The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. I can’t believe he’s only played drums for four years. He’s a natural.

To sum up: a great concert, Bruce delivered as always. We got wet but it was worth it! Now on to concert number two.


Start: 20:07

1. Du ska inte tro det blir sommar (Idas sommarvisa)
2. Who´ll stop the rain
3. Badlands
4. My lucky day
5. Prove it all night
6. Outlaw Pete
7. Out in the street
8. Working on a dream
9. Seeds
10. Johnny 99
11. The ghost of Tom Joad
12. Raise your hand (Request)
13. I´m goin down (Request)
14. Cadillac Ranch (Request)
15. Because the night (Request)
16. Wild Thing (Request)
17. Waitin´ on a sunny day
18. The Promised land
19. The Wrestler
20. Kingdom of days
21. Lonesome Day
22. The Rising
23. Born to run

Encore: 22:10

24. Hard times
25. Bobby Jean
26. Land of hope and dreams
27. American Land
28. Glory days
29. Twist´n shout
30. Dancing in the dark

End: 22:50



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4 Responses to “Bruce Springsteen – Stockholm Stadion, Sweden, 2009-06-04”

  1. HeatherJ says:

    Did you take that top picture? That’s excellent! I was wondering about Max Weinberg. That’s so great that his son is playing for him! At least there will be better weather for tonight’s show!

  2. Daniel says:

    Heather: No, the top picture is from Aftonbladet, I think. I took the pathetic picture underneath. ;)

  3. Luna says:

    While I’m not a huge Springsteen fan, I do admire him. I love the humor of his first song of choice though! Glad you had fun! I’ve yet to go to a concert this summer, but Nickleback is right around the corner! :)

  4. Daniel says:

    Luna: You know how jealous I am of you for that Nickelback concert! :) I just saw a video on YouTube where Nickelback covers “The Ghost of Tom Joad” by Springsteen, but in the style that Rage Against the Machine plays it. Very cool indeed!

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