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Kings of Leon – Time Warner Cable Amphitheater, Cleveland, OH, 2009-05-13


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Took me a while to get this review up online since I’ve been away on vacation. Anyway, I finally got to see Kings of Leon! We saw them while we were in Cleveland to check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The TWC Amphitheater was a very nice venue, basically just a tent with room for maybe 3-4000 people. The stage was really high so there was no problem seeing the band. The Kings started with Crawl, a real nice opener that got the crowd going. By the way, the crowd was crazy! People were crowd surfing, and smoking what obviously wasn’t Marlboro Lights. We got a couple of really drunk guys next to us that managed to spill half a beer over my wife! Very annoying, but we tried to make the best of it.

The highlights of the show was Charmer, On Call, Manhattan, My Party, Slow Night, So Long, Closer, and Knocked Up. I was really hoping everyone would be humming along to the intro bass line of Slow Night, So Long like I’ve heard in some live videos, but the Cleveland crowd did not catch on to that. A song that I’ve really gotten into as a result of the show is Molly’s Chambers, it really got another dimension to it when hearing it live. Caleb’s voice sounded great, just as raspy as on the albums. Matthew’s solo’s were really good, he has some great tone going. Overall the band sounded really tight and well-rehearsed. They had a small football helmet on the bass drum, just like on their t-shirts, and apparently it doubled as Matthew’s ashtray.

The encore started with Closer, while the stage was lit up by some really cool flashing lights. Definitely my favorite Kings of Leon song, and best song of the night. They closed with a nice version of Black Thumbnail. Nathan threw out a whole handful of drumsticks at the end, and it led to quite a bit of fighting amongst the crowd – highly amusing.


Start: 20:45
01. Crawl
02. Taper Jean Girl
03. My Party
04. Be Somebody
05. Molly’s Chambers
06. Fans
07. Milk
08. Four Kicks
09. Charmer
10. Sex on Fire
11. The Bucket
12. Notion
13. On Call
14. Cold Desert
15. Use Somebody
16. Slow Night, So Long

Encore: 21:50
17. Closer
18. Knocked Up
19. Manhattan
20. Black Thumbnail

End: 22:20

2 Responses to “Kings of Leon – Time Warner Cable Amphitheater, Cleveland, OH, 2009-05-13”

  1. Jackie says:

    I saw them play in NJ in September. You’re right. They sound just as good live as they do recorded. I am a bigger fan of their older albums. I like how they have a good mix of the old and new songs when they play. A lot of bands just push their new albums and you never heard any of the old stuff.

  2. Daniel says:

    Jackie: Where did you see them? PNC Bank? I love that place. Always used to go there and get lawn seats when I was in college. :)

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