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Bruce Springsteen – Stockholm Stadion, Sweden, 2009-06-05


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Ok, time for the second Springsteen show of the week. This time the weather was a bit better. Instead of rain it was just freezing. We stood on Clarence’s side this time. The concert started with Idas Sommarvisa again. Little Steven and Soozie entered the stage waltzing. Bruce gave Clarence a kiss as he walked him over to his saxophones. The first real song was Downbound Train. It sounded great and was a perfect opener. Just like Thursday’s show the second song was Badlands.

True to form, Springsteen switched out 13 songs from the day before. We were treated to Downbound Train, Candy’s Room, Darlington County, Youngstown, Good Lovin´, Hungry Heart, Growin´ Up, Thunder Road, Queen of the Supermarket, Lost in the Flood, Radio Nowhere, 10th Avenue Freeze Out, and Detroit Medley.

The main highlights for me were Youngstown, Lost in the Flood, and 10th Avenue Freeze Out. I was so happy to finally get to hear Youngstown. Nils’ solo was just fenomenal, and he did his trademark spinning during the solo. Actually he did it three times during the show, but I can’t remember in what other songs. Lost in the Flood was such a surprise. The week before the concert I was watching the DVD from London in ‘75 and thinking that “Wouldn’t it be great to hear Lost in the Flood live”, and a week later it happened! 10th Avenue Freeze Out was on my most wanted list of songs to hear live, along with Jungleland, and Rosalita, so needless to say I was thrilled to hear it! And the Big Man sounded great!

We had brought signs with us for the request section, I had a sign for Jungleland, and my wife had a Jersey Girl sign. So when they started up Good Lovin’ we ran up to the side stage, but unfortunately we weren’t able to get close enough for the Boss to notice the sign. Better luck next time perhaps… ;)

I have to say that one of my favorite songs of the encore both nights was American Land. It is a folk song complete with violins and accordions written by Springsteen, and originally performed during the Seeger Sessions tour. It is such a fun song to hear live. We were dancing and jumping around like crazy, as were a group of 40-50 year old guys in front of us.

The biggest surprise of the night was the second to last song when they wipped out Detroit Medley! Now that is something I never would’ve thought I’d get to hear live. But man was it fun! I was jumping up and down during the entire medley. The concert closed with a very fast version of Dancing in the Dark, just like the previous night. A fun-filled end to a great night!


Start: 20:15

0. Idas Sommarvisa
1. Downbound train
2. Badlands
3. My Lucky Day
4. Candy’s Room
5. Outlaw Pete
6. Darlington County
7. Working on a Dream
8. Seeds
9. Johnny 99
10. Youngstown
11. Good Lovin´
12. Hungry Heart (Request)
13. Growin´ Up (Request)
14. Thunder Road (Request)
15. Queen of the Supermarket (Request)
16. Waitin´ on a Sunny Day
17. The Promised Land
18. Lost in the Flood
19. Radio Nowhere
20. Lonesome Day
21. The Rising
22. Born to Run


23. Hard Times
24. 10th Avenue Freeze Out
25. Land of Hope and Dreams
26. American Land
27. Glory Days
28. Detroit Medley
29. Dancing in the Dark

End: 23:10




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  1. Irma says:

    You failed to mention the drunk bastards who continuously harassed me about my sign before the show. Drunk and leaning into me with their “mumps” mouths (snus filled). How could you leave that out? It was such a NICE part! ;)

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