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Coldplay – Stockholm Stadion, Stockholm, 2009-08-22


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We got to the stadium around 14.15 thinking there wouldn’t be much of a line, only to find the place packed with fans. There were three lines to get in, and we chose the one that seemed the shortest. When we finally got in around 17.45 there were so many people that we thought we’d get a terrible spot, but as we got closer to the stage we noticed that NOONE had gone to stand next to the left catwalk, facing the stage. So we got exactly the same spots as last year, right up against the catwalk giving us an unobstructed view for the entire show. It really surprised me that there was no pit for this show. The people that were standing in between the catwalks were really packed in, I don’t understand how people could see anything there, especially all the short girls that were out in force.

The stage was really nice. Two catwalks extended from both sides, and behind the stage was a screen that extended the full length of the stage. The screen actually made me think of U2’s Popmart screen. The perimeter of the stadium was adorned with Viva La Vida balloons.

Before Coldplay walked on stage they played U2’s Magnificent over the PA, followed by Jay Z’s I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) during which one of their roadies came out on the catwalk break dancing! What a great way to get the crowd fired up! This was followed by the mandatory Blue Danube during which a crew member up front directed the audience to wave their arms and clap at the right points.

Then it was time for Coldplay! There was an animation of the earth on the screens that zoomed in on Stockholm. The band took the stage behind a transparent black curtain, all holding up sparklers. First song was Life in Technicolor, the perfect opener in my opinion. This was followed by Violet Hill, Clocks, and In My Place – what a great way to start the show! During In My Place, both Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland came out on the catwalk right by us! That was so cool! We got some great pictures of that. When they left the catwalk Chris said “Tusen tack allesammans” (”Thanks everyone”).

The first four songs were the same as Coldplay’s last concert in Sweden on September 18th 2008. For Yellow, the crew brought out all these giant yellow ballons filled with confetti to the audience. It was fun to see them bounce around during the song. Chris actually popped a couple of them with his guitar when they flew up on stage.

It was nice to hear Glass of Water live, it had a really cool space-type animation on the screen behind the band. Towards the end of Fix You, Chris came out on the catwalk again doing his bit where he stumbles around before falling backwards on to the stage. Great fun to witness up close!

Just like last year they did a couple of songs out on the other catwalk. I think it’s really great how the band strives to give everyone in the crowd an up close experience. I do however find it a bit disappointing that they keep doing the “techno” version of God Put a Smile Upon Your Face. What’s wrong with the original one?

After this little segue it was back to the main stage and what I consider the highlight of the show: Viva La Vida. I absolutely love this song, Coldplay’s absolute best piece of music so far. It’s so cool with drummer Will Champion playing symphony drums and a bell! When the whole audience join in on the oh-oh-oh part it’s just amazing!

After the fantastic Lost!, the entire band walked down the catwalk and right in front of us on their trek to the b-stage in the back of the stadium. It was great to get to see all four of them so close. The b-stage part was great. They did Green Eyes, and Will sang Death Will Never Conquer, which I really enjoy. Then Chris asked everyone in the audience to turn on the lights on their cellphones and instructed us all to do the wave with our cellphones. This looked very cool – I think the days of waving cigarette lighters at concerts are officially over. For the last song on the b-stage they did Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. This is the third MJ tribute I’ve seen this summer; both U2 and Madonna tipped their hat at the King of Pop as well. I thought that Coldplay’s acoustic full-song tribute was amazing! It really shows what a great singer Chris Martin is. There are some quite high notes to hit in that song, and he did it flawlessly.

Back on the main stage it was time for Politik. I hope they will always keep this song in their set. It’s so explosive, and Chris Martin really gets into it, rocking back and forth on his piano seat. Next up was Lovers in Japan, complete with butterfly confetti. Towards the end of the song Chris walked out on our catwalk with a japanese-style umbrella, which he ended up leaving on the catwalk. Out of all the epic songs from Viva La Vida, Lovers in Japan is the perfect closer for the main set. Talk about ending on a high note.

For the encore they started with The Scientist. It was great to hear a full band version of this, since last year when I saw them it was done as an acoustic number on the b-stage. Coldplay came full circle by ending the night with Life in Technicolor II. As fireworks went off above the stage Coldplay walked off, and The Escapist came over the PA.

Apart from the three Bruce Springsteen concerts in June, this was the highlight of a fantastic concert summer. My only criticism is that they didn’t play Speed of Sound, and White Shadows. They actually soundchecked White Shadows earlier in the day, so I was certain it would show up. I can’t wait for Coldplay to come around again, but I have a feeling that it will be a few years until the next time. First they need to dream up a worthy follower to Viva La Vida…

Setlist: (from

White Shadows
Glass of Water
Life in Technicolor

Start: 21:10

01. Life In Technicolor
02. Violet Hill
03. Clocks
04. In My Place
05. Yellow
06. Glass Of Water
07. Cemeteries Of London
08. 42
09. Fix You
10. Strawberry Swing
11. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version) (on catwalk)
12. Talk (techno version) (on catwalk)
13. The Hardest Part (Chris piano) (on catwalk)
14. Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental) (on catwalk)
15. Viva La Vida
16. Lost!
17. Green Eyes (on b-stage)
18. Death Will Never Conquer (on b-stage)
19. Billie Jean (on b-stage)
Viva La Vida (remix interlude) - played over PA while band walks back to main stage
20. Politik
21. Lovers In Japan
22. Death And All His Friends

23. The Scientist
24. Life in Technicolor II
The Escapist (outro)

End: 23.01

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  1. Maria K says:

    This was literally THE best night of my life!! I bawled my eyes out! Fantastic pics! If you’d wish to see some of mine check out this link:

    I also have some videos on youtube, but they’re not exactly of first-rate quality…

    xoxo, maria

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey Maria,

    You also have some great pictures! Did you stand by the catwalk where they did “God Put a Smile Upon Your Face”? We were at the other one.

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