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A Rockin’ Comic


Just thought I’d give everyone a heads up on a great music related webcomic – Imy. The comic is about Imy and her boyfriend Jay, and their friends. Imy is obsessed with music, and even makes her big-lipped goldfish Mick listen to music with her. Jay has an 80’s hard rock cover band called Hurricane, and I sometimes wonder if he loves his guitar more than Imy. He did at least take great pleasure when a string broke and hit Imy in the eye, forcing her to wear an eyepatch for a few weeks!

Be sure to check out Imy at
New strips are published every Monday and Thursday.

Here are some direct links to my favorite strips:

Self Defense
The Great Escape
Pot Rock

Oh, and the creator of Imy just happens to be my wife, Irma! :)

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