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Mr. Big – Berns, Stockholm, 2009-09-07


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Going to concerts on a whim seems to be my new thing. I bought tickets to see Mr. Big the night before the show, because my wife and her friend were going. I have actually seen Mr. Big one time before on December 3rd, 1993, when they were the opening act for Aerosmith, and I remember them being really good.

Berns, the place where the concert was held, is really small, maybe with a capacity of 1000 people. It’s an old concert hall that is very beautiful and with great acoustics, and the stage has a domed ceiling. We got there about an hour before the doors opened, and ended up in the second row.

At 21.30 Mr. Big took the stage, starting out with Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy, complete with the drill solo! I loved it, this was the song I wanted to hear the most, and it was great as an opener. The first half of the concert was the best in my opinion, since this was when they played alot of songs from Lean Into It. Alive and Kickin’, Green-Tinted Sixties Mind, and Just Take My Heart were great. Pure nostalgia! For Just Take My Heart they had four mirrorballs projecting beams of light across the stage.

Temperamental sounded great. I really liked the part when Eric stood behind Billy playing the bass, while Billy played the harmonica. I actually remember them doing this back in 1993 as well! We had downloaded Zippo lighter apps to our iPhones, and during Wild World we were waving them in the air in place of real lighters, it was pretty funny! Eric Martin was really lively, running around on the stage a lot. His Swedish was limited to a “Tusen Tack” (Thanks a lot), but it’s always nice when bands make the effort to say something in the language of the country they’re in. It did look like all of they guys were having a great time, there were smiles all around.

Both Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert are virtuosos on their respective instruments, so of course the concert included numerous bass and guitar solos. While I really appreciate their talent and find it fascinating seeing Paul’s hands flying across the fret board, I would prefer it if they played more songs instead. For example, I would love to hear CDFF – Lucky This Time and A Little Too Loose. But one thing that was really cool was when Billy and Paul were playing double necked guitars, and Eric and Pat Torpey came out and acted as “human capos”!

One of the highlights of the concert was Addicted To That Rush. This is a great song in itself, but it was made even better by the Eric Clapton medley that was included. First Paul launched the band in to Sunshine of Your Love, followed by what I think was Crossroads (I’m probably wrong about that one, please correct me if you know what song it was). I really love blues rock, and I was struck by how perfect Eric’s voice is for this type of music. That’s one reason why it would have been so great to hear A Little Too Loose.

First song of the encore was To Be With You – great singalong, followed by the frantic Colorado Bulldog. That one had been stuck in my head all day so it was nice to finally hear it live. Then the guys left the stage, and I thought it was over, but they came back again and played Shy Boy! Eric said the song was Billy’s request. After they were done Paul threw out some guitar picks, and I dove for one on the floor, but I didn’t get it though. However, my friend Erika got one! It says Mr. Big on one side, and has Paul Gilbert’s signature on the other side. I did however touch Eric’s arm during the show, so I got my brush with fame! ;) Thanks for a great show Mr. Big, and please visit Sweden again real soon!

Setlist: (From Random Chatter Music)

Start: 21:30

01 Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
02 Take Cover
03 Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
04 Alive And Kickin’
05 Next Time Around
06 Hold Your Head Up
07 Just Take My Heart
08 Temperamental
09 It’s For You
Pat’s Drum Solo
10 Price You Gotta Pay
11 Wild World
12 Take A Walk
Guitar / Bass Duet (”full band human capo” thing)
13 The Whole World’s Gonna Know
14 Rock And Roll Over
Billy’s Bass Solo
15 Addicted To That Rush

16 To Be With You
17 Colorado Bulldog
18 Shy Boy

End: 23:30

Pictures (Click on an image to enlarge it)

Here are a bunch more pictures that we took with our iPhones. My thanks to Irma and Erika!
More Mr. Big Pictures


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6 Responses to “Mr. Big – Berns, Stockholm, 2009-09-07”

  1. Tony says:

    Thanks for the descriptive review. Great to hear the show was good.One thing about Mr.Big is that they all have very good singing voices in their own right;on top of being excellent musicians.Amazing that you get to see them in a smaller venue….Can’t wait to see them (maybe) if they gig in the USA.

  2. Tony says:

    P.S. Did you know that E.Martin co-wrote a song for Europe way back around 1992? I think it was called ‘ALL OR NOTHING”…..Eric and Mr.Big used to be managed by Herbie Herbert and at one point Herbie managed USA tours for Europe and Roxette and I believe for a short while Electric Boys…

  3. Daniel says:

    Thanks for commenting Tony!
    No, I didn’t know that about Eric Martin writing for Europe. But I can totally see how they would be a good match.

  4. Beatrice says:

    Jättekul att läsa om konserten! Önskar att jag var där, men då åldersgränsen låg på 20 år blev det lite svårt.
    Tack för recensionen i alla fall!

  5. Edward says:

    thanks so much for this review – I’ll be seeing the band in London on Saturday – it’s gonna be great!

  6. Daniel says:

    Beatrice: Ja, vad konstigt att dom hade 20 årsgräns tycker jag. Borde väl räcka med 18, då skulle dom ju få sälja fler biljetter.

    Edward: Have fun on Saturday – I’m jealous! :)

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