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Wolfmother, Berns, Stockholm, 2010-02-01


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Opening act: The Black Angels
Concert Start: 22.15 Encore: 23.45 End: 23.55

When Wolfmother takes the stage at Berns in Stockholm, it is the beginning of a tumultuous couple of hours. As the band launches in to Dimension, I immediately realize that due to the very low stage, and the fact that everyone in the audience but me is 10 feet tall, I won’t be able to see a thing. So the first four or five songs are ruined while the missus and I search for a spot where we can actually see the band. Finally we end up next to the bar where you can stand on the little foot rest that runs alongside the counter.

When Ian Peres fires up the organ intro to White Unicorn, I can finally get in to the show. Speaking of Mr. Peres, he’s sporting an afro much like singer and band leader Andrew Stockdale, and is playing the organ and bass like mad, especially during show highlight Colossal, and closing number Joker and the Thief, where Peres is actually standing ON the organ while playing.

The band sound great, and I must say I really like this new incarnation of Wolfmother. The addition of a rhythm guitar really fills out the sound. Aidan Nemeth plays a Les Paul Gold Top with P90’s most of the show – nice choice!

Apple Tree was one of my favorite songs from the show. The intensity was great, with Stockdale wailing away Jack White style. I also really enjoyed Back Round, especially the break where Stockdale sing “The tickets sold and the man got rich with a seven year itch…”. Towards the end of the concert my right arm was getting so tired, since I had to use it to hold on to the bar while balancing on the foot rest in order to see good. I would hoist myself up during the songs, and then rest during the fairly long breaks between songs.

Andrew Stockdale is an amazing front man. His singing is great, and his guitar playing is out of this world. It wasn’t until I saw Wolfmother live that I realized that Andrew use a Whammy pedal for many of his guitar solos. I find it funny how I am somehow drawn to practitioners of this fine guitar effect like Jack White and The Edge. Stockdale is feeding off the audience’s energy and plays most solos at the edge of the stage, and takes every chance he gets to make the audience wave their hands in the air and clap along.

For the last song of the encore, Joker and the Thief, Stockdale, as well as Peres goes mad, playing his guitar above his head and making the guitar spin around his torso on the guitar strap. He doesn’t seem to want to leave the stage and stays on to play a melody on the organ after the other members have left. Unfortunately I can’t remember what song it was that he played. I tried to tape the show on my iPhone in order to get the setlist, but it shut off without me noticing, so I don’t have the full setlist, but it seemed quite similar to the sets they’ve been playing during the fall of last year, and previously on this European tour. The most notable difference was that they didn’t play Far Away, which I thought was always in their set.

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  1. Irma says:

    The pictures and videos turned out so great! And I’m so happy we finally got to enjoy the show. A shame I missed enjoying my favorite songs. But it was great anyway!

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