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Dave Matthews Band – Arenan, Stockholm, 2010-03-15


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Dave Matthews Band ended their European tour in Stockholm on Monday March 15th. Originally they were supposed to start the tour in Stockholm, but as Dave said “shit happens”. Usually me and the missus go to all concerts together, but she was having a really bad cold so I ended up going alone. There were a lot of Americans in attendance. I spoke to a guy who was seeing the band for the 15th time.

I ended up getting a great spot on the bleachers to the side of the stage, maybe just 10 meters away. The concert started with Still Water, which went in to Don’t Drink the Water. I had been watching the Folsom Field DVD a few days ago, so Don’t Drink the Water felt like an appropriate opener. I was struck by how crisp the sound was. You could really hear every nuance of every instrument. I don’t think I’ve ever heard an electric guitar mixed this good, especially when you consider all the instruments used at a DMB show.

One of the highlights for me was Boyd Tinsley’s violin solo in Funny The Way It Is. Boyd took center stage a couple more times, during Ants Marching for example. Aside from Dave’s singing, Boyd’s violin playing is what I enjoy most about DMB. The concert lasted for two and a half hours, and contained numerous jams. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it! To me, there’s nothing better than watching a band improvise on song’s they know inside and out. That’s why I also like RHCP and Lenny Kravitz so much.

Since this was my first DMB show, I really enjoyed every song they played, but some of the songs that stood out to me were Shake Me Like A Monkey, Ants Marching and Jimi Thing. The latter ended with an awesome vocal improvisation by Dave that turned into Prince’s Sexy MF – awesome!

If there was one song I wanted to hear more than any, it was All Along The Watchtower. I’ve loved DMB’s version since the first time I heard it sometime in the mid-nineties. I figured chances of them playing it were pretty good, since it seemed like they were playing it every other night towards the end of the tour. Well, after the first encore, Sister, Stefan started up this amazing bass solo using various delay and harmony effects. It sounded quite similar to the solo he played before Watchtower during the Central Park concert, so I was really getting my hopes up. And when the solo ended and Dave played the first couple of notes of Watchtower I just screamed! I bet even my friend Erika who was in the front row could hear me. The song was amazing, and I sang along to every word.

Watchtower turned out to be the last song of the night, and that was fine with me. A perfect end to a great show. Since it was the last show of the tour, Carter threw out tons of drumsticks in the audience. I actually caught one, but some jerk ripped it out of my hand. Oh well. The only other songs I wished they would have played were Two Step, and Alligator Pie, but I guess I’ll get to hear them when they come back around again. Thanks for a great show DMB!

Setlist: (from

Start: 20.45

01. Still Water
02. Don’t Drink the Water
03. Satellite
04. Funny The Way It Is
05. Seven
06. Lying In The Hands Of God
07. Shake Me Like A Monkey
08. Crush
09. Big Eyed Fish
10. So Damn Lucky
11. Anyone Seen the Bridge / Too Much (Snippet)
12. Ants Marching
13. Spaceman
14. Corn Bread
15. Time Bomb
16. You And Me
17. Jimi Thing

18. Sister
19. All Along The Watchtower

End: 23.15

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