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Lady Gaga, Globen, Stockholm, 2010-05-07


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I woke up at 5.30 this morning from a terrible cramp in my leg. The reason – all the jumping at the Lady Gaga concert in Stockholm last night! The missus and I have seen both Madonna and Kylie, and both of us thought that Lady Gaga had them beat. The concert started with Dance In The Dark, with Gaga’s silhouette projected on the curtain covering the stage. Surprising song to start with, I had thought Just Dance would open the show. But when she did play it as song number three the crowd went nuts! Gaga played the intro to Just Dance on a keyboard that was mounted in the hood of a futuristic looking Rolls Royce on stage. We were standing about halfway down the arena on the floor, and we had a great view. For once there weren’t so many tall people in the audience, the benefit of seeing an artist with a lot of young female fans.

For The Fame, Gaga played a futuristic bass/keyboard instrument which made me think of the strange creations Matt Bellamy from Muse use on stage. LoveGame was next, which is probably my favorite Lady Gaga song. She brought out her “disco stick”, a much larger version than what I’ve seen in early performances. It had a spotlight that she used to shine on the audience. Gaga refers to her fans as little monsters and kept urging everyone to hold up their arms while shaping their hands into claws. We kept doing that the whole concert and it was tons of fun, like a disco version of the heavy metal sign!

For Money Honey, Lady Gaga came up through the floor playing a keytar, and she played a really cool intro solo.

Throughout the concert I counted a total of 17 costume changes, if you count every time she would alter her costume with a mask etc. Because of all the costume changes there were a lot of downtime between songs, while they would play remixes over the PA and show short video installations of Lady Gaga on the curtain. Telephone was one of the major highlights of the night, which she performed in a studded leather bikini. I think this is the first concert where I’ve seen someone play a harp on stage. The choreography for Telephone was awesome, as most people have already seen from the music video. There was catwalk from the stage that went out to a platform in the middle of the arena that was used for almost every song, which was great since we were standing close to it. All of Telephone was performed on the platform.

The banter between songs was funny. During LoveGame Gaga joked about how everyone knows she has “a pretty humongous dick”, alluding to the ridiculous hermaphrodite rumors. She also talked about how she hates money and the truth.

Then it was time for the slow songs. Gaga did Brown Eyes and Speechless sitting at a grand piano engulfed in flames – a very nice effect, especially for Speechless where there was a tornado-shaped pillar of fire rising up out of the piano. Made me worried her hair was going to catch fire. I think it’s good that she includes a couple of slow songs in the set because it gives her an opportunity to show off her amazing singing voice. I actually met a guy at a bar after the concert who works on Lady Gaga’s sound production for her live shows and he was saying how she, unlike someone like Britney Spears, sings almost everything live. Quite an accomplishment when you consider all the choreography that’s involved.

Now it was time for the most fascinating costumes. During So Happy I Could Die Gaga wore a white dress with angel wings and a crown that that kept expanding and contracting. She performed the entire song on the platform in the middle of the arena, and halfway through the song, the platform rose up 15-20 feet to the delight of the crowd. For Monster Gaga wore an outfit that can only be described as a giant white mushroom! It looked hilarious when she was dancing. I have to say that Monster is a great song, and I would be surprised if it’s not released as single.

Then Gaga surprised at least me by performing Teeth, the last of the new songs on The Fame Monster. I love this song because it’s so different from all her other songs, very organic and stripped down. During the song Gaga’s entire chest is covered in fake blood, and it looked really creepy from a distance. Teeth was followed by latest single, Alejandro, a song that is not a favorite of mine, but that worked really well in a live setting. The backdrop on stage for Alejandro is Central Park, complete with a replica of the Bethesda fountain where the angel is shooting fire from his wings.

The last three songs of the night were a display of why Lady Gaga is an amazing performer and song writer: Poker Face, Paparazzi, and Bad Romance. It’s hard to come up with a better ending to a concert, and this was the source of my previously mentioned leg cramp. What makes these three songs so good live is the fact that they’re structured as rock songs which make them great for audience participation. During Paparazzi, the monster finally appears in the shape of an angler fish that moves its head and tentacles to the music! Gaga does a costume change mid-song and appears wearing a bra that shoots fire!

Poker Face, with its Boney M sample has the crowd going nuts. Gaga spends the entire song out on the platform. For the awesome closing number of Bad Romance, Gaga appears center stage inside a giant version of the sphere that can be seen in the video. Bad Romance is one of the best pop songs of the 21st century and it’s the perfect end to a great night! Thank you Gaga and please come again!

Setlist: (with YouTube video links)

Start: 20.40

01. Dance In The Dark
02. Glitter and Grease
03. Just Dance
04. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
05. Vanity
06. The Fame
07. LoveGame
08. Boys Boys Boys
09. Money Honey
10. Telephone
11. Brown Eyes
12. Speechless
13. So Happy I Could Die
14. Monster
15. Teeth
16. Alejandro
17. Poker Face
18. Paparazzi
19. Bad Romance

End: 22.30

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