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Foo Fighters – Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden, 2011-03-04


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Last night I was lucky enough to see Foo Fighters in an intimate club setting at Nalen in Stockholm. We were first in line, waiting outside in the cold for three and a half hours. Needless to say we got front row center. While waiting in line two guys pulled up to deliver a Mellotron to the venue. As it turned out later one of the quys happend to be Rami Jaffee, Foo Fighters’ touring keyboardist and member of The Wallflowers! If I had only realized that sooner I would’ve asked to take a picture with him. I used to listen to The Wallflowers all the time in the late nineties.

After maybe half an hour Taylor Hawkins came out to do his own sound check! I’ve never seen that happen before. When everyone started chanting for Taylor he made everyone chant for his drum tech instead (Danny?). After another ten minutes or so Chris Shiflett came out for his sound check. They obviously weren’t trusting their crew to take care of it! Jack Daniel’s was sponsoring the event and the whole place had the sweet smell of JD. Too bad there was no waitress service for the front row. ;)

When the concert finally started, Dave Grohl said hello to the crowd and went straight in to Bridge Burning, proceeding to play every song from upcoming album Wasting Light in chronological order. What a treat it was! Of the new songs I really like White Limo and Bridge Burning, but my two absolute favorites are Arlandria and I Should Have Known. For the latter, Pat Smear played an awesome double guitar/bass combo. Dave played his blue Gibson Trini Lopez guitar for almost the entire concert. I was amazed that he didn’t have to re-tune once while playing all of Wasting Light.

Once they finished finished the last song of Wasting Light, Walk, Dave announced that the Foo’s have over a hundred songs and they would “only” be playing 36 of them tonight (it ended up being 33)! Just before they came on stage, the roadies actually switched out all of the setlists that were taped to the stage floor. From what I have seen afterwards, what happened was that they actually added on eight more songs to the set. It was hard to believe that they would put so much in to a little club gig, but you could tell they were all having fun on stage. Dave talked about how these small shows are the really great ones.

Then it was time for a two hour “regular” concert which they started off with All My Life, and Times Like These. Could it possibly get better than that? The whole concert was fantastic, and I can not think of a single song that I didn’t get to hear. It’s fun that they’re actually playing Big Me live, which I think they weren’t doing for quite a while. All songs were played plugged in, even Cold Day in the Sun, and Skin and Bones. Stacked Actors is always my live favorite – I love the guitar duel between Dave and Chris. And Best of You sounded amazing! I also have to mention that the pressure from the crowd was insane! There’s only a handful of times when I’ve gotten that crushed against the fence before. I thought I was going to have marks from the steel mesh in the fence on my body!

When the band came out for the encore the crowd was still chanting Best of You. Taylor started playing along and Dave started singing Walking on Sunshine! Dave talked about how bands who have played together for ten years are not allowed to play for less than two hours, and that by that reasoning, the Rolling Stones should have to play eight hour sets. Then Taylor and Chris started playing Start Me Up, while Dave pretended to walk a cross the stage with a walker – hilarious! For the first song of the encore Dave decided to surprise the band by just starting to play a song that wasn’t on the setlist, Wattershed. The Pretender was great fun and the crowd went nuts. Some guy in the audience called out for a bass solo (???), which Dave thought was really funny, remarking how it was a great night, but it could be a great night with a bass solo. During set closer This is a Call, Dave tried jokingly to get Nate to burst in to a soaring bass solo, but Mr. Mendel wisely abstained from such atrocities.

And so ended an amazing almost three hour long concert with thirty-three songs, by far the longest set list I’ve experienced (the longest concert was Bruce Springsteen on June 7th 2009 at Stockholm Stadion). Thank you Foo Fighters for choosing Sweden for such a special event. Can’t wait to see you again this summer in Stockholm!

Unfortunately the security was very tight and I wasn’t able to bring in my camera, so all I have right now are some crappy pictures from my iPhone 3G. Hopefully I’ll get some better ones plus some videos soon.

My huge thanks to my friend Erika for letting me tag along as her +1 for the show. I owe you a drink!


Start: 20:40

01. Bridge Burning
02. Rope
03. Dear Rosemary
04. White Limo
These Days
Back and Forth
A Matter Of Time
Miss The Misery
I Should Have Known
All My Life
Times Like These
Up In Arms
My Hero
Long Road To Ruin
Cold Day In The Sun
Big Me
Learn To Fly
Enough Space
Stacked Actors
Skin and Bones
Best Of You
Monkey Wrench
Hey, Johnny Park!

For All The Cows
The Pretender
This Is A Call

End: 23:30


Erika’s Pictures

Erika’s Videos

9 Responses to “Foo Fighters – Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden, 2011-03-04”

  1. Orjan says:

    Hey man. Great review, and a truly great concert. Im the guy who both held up a tour t shirt from 1995 that Dave commented on AND asked for a bass solo and was called the bald old man with the old tour t shirt. Priceless. Why bass solo? Well he responded, and I am a big Cliff Burton fan and Nate is a kickass bassist :-)

  2. Daniel says:

    Hey I remember hearing you behind me! The bass solo stuff was hilarious! At what venue did you see them in 1995?

  3. Orjan says:

    I saw them at Brixton Academy in London, i was 23 at the time and lived there from 94 to 96 and got to see some epic bands like Radiohead, red hot chili peppers, primus, oasis, blur, supergrass and of course Foo. Check out the videos of the Foo concert, check out Wattershed and see my shoe on stage just behind Dave. I lost it during a crowdsurf :-) and my jacket. Epic concert in Stockholm, the best I have ever seen and probably ever will see. I was 23 again :-)

  4. Daniel says:

    Hey Orjan, you should check out the videos I just added. The second one contains the part where Dave talks about Enough Space, and the first concert in Sweden.

  5. orjan says:

    Hey Daniel.
    Great videos, my t-shirt moment is just aroudn 3 minutes into part 2, if yoy make a part 3 with encores, please please put the whole bass solo conversation in it :-) and I really like your blog.

  6. Daniel says:

    Thanks, glad you like the videos! Unfortunately, that’s all I have. It was my friend Erika who filmed it all with her iPhone. I had brought my HD digital camera with stereo mics, but security found it and wouldn’t let me bring it in. :(

  7. Orjan says:

    Crap, thanks anyway. Should you ever find that clip please let me know. Looking forward to Foo on the 24 of june in Oslo. Next concert will be Megadeath and Slayer, then Queens of the stone age, Judas Priest and then Foo. Have a nice spring.

  8. Daniel says:

    My next concert that I know for sure is Eric Clapton in June, followed by Kings of Leon in Berlin, and then Foo Fighters. See you at Stadion! :D

  9. shealey says:

    I Cant wait to see the foo fighters take the stage at the hangout music festival. its going to be so amazing :)

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