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New Music From Def Leppard


Def Leppard’s new single, Undefeated surfaced earlier this week, on April 12th to be correct. The song is one of three new studio tracks off of the British rockers upcoming live CD/DVD combo, Mirrorball. The first thing that strikes me upon hearing the song is amazement at yet another fantastic guitar riff by Phil Collen. The second thing is how reminiscent the first couple of vocal lines are to Def Leppard’s 1992 single Let’s Get Rocked. But there you have it, Def Leppard have realized one of the most important lessons a band that’s been around for 30+ years can learn: Give the fans what they want!

After more or less successful forays towards the alternative scene with 1996’s Slang, and X from 2002, Def Leppard goes for the sound that made them popular in the first place. Undefeated is a hard-hitting rocker with a soaring chorus and big guitars that makes even the most introverted individual want to jump up and down to the beat. The Lep’s have a US tour together with Heart lined up for the summer. Does that mean we can hope to see them in Europe in the fall?

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