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Black Country Communion – Cirkus, Stockholm, 2011-08-02


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I was lucky enough to get to meet Black Country Communion before the show. We were taken in to the venue, Cirkus, and got to wait for a couple of minutes in front of the stage. It was so cool to see all the equipment set up, and we posed for pictures in front of the drums. The guys were all really nice. I got them to sign the vinyl Black Country Communion 2 album, and some pictures I brought with me. I also got my picture taken with all of them. I had brought a white marker for them to sign the vinyl with, and Jason commented on how Swedes are always prepared, which is completely true, at least for me – I don’t leave anything to chance!

Glenn was a really nice guy. He posed for pictures with both my wife and me, and just seemed like a genuinely friendly guy. You can tell that he is a veteran rocker, cause he really knows how to make his fans feel comfortable around him. I don’t think I’ve met a celebrity with that kind of charisma since meeting Steven Tyler over 14 years ago. When Glenn was signing one of the pictures he commented on that he really liked it, and that it was taken at the first Black Country Communion show that they did, which was a show case in front of industry people. Joe was in a bit of a hurry cause he had to go do an interview. But I did get to take a picture with him, and I asked him if he was coming back to Sweden with a solo show soon. Joe responded that he wouldn’t be back this year, but next year. When Glenn left he said ”Hej då” and ”Tack så mycket” in Swedish (”Goodbye”, and ”Thank you very much”). It was cool because his pronounciation was really good. Wonder if he has some sort of ties to Sweden? Old girlfriend perhaps? When we left the venue, we got to leave by way of the stage. It was so cool to get to walk right by Joe’s Marshall amps, and see his racks filled with guitars. I think there were two racks, and both were packed with guitars.

The show itself was fantastic. There was no opening act, which was really nice. I had checked their setlist online before hand, so I knew what they’d be playing. The band took the stage to the sound of Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries.” They opened with ”Black Country” followed by ”One Last Soul.” I was struck by what an amazing bass player Glenn Hughes is. Like my wife said, Glenn PLAYS the bass, he doesn’t just play back up. I also really like all the rock star poses he does with his bass – they are truely his own. Joe got to do ”The Battle for Hadrian’s Wall” from 2, and ”Song of Yesterday” from Black Country Communion. ”Hadrian’s Wall” was played on a Music Man 6/12 doubleneck guitar, with Joe playing the Led Zeppelin inspired main riff on the 12-string. I think I can safely say that ”Song of Yesterday” was my absolute favorite song of the evening. As you can see in the video below it turns in to a 10-minute monster when performed live.

Actually, ”Cold” is tied for number one as favorite song. It is such a great song written by Glenn, and as he explains in the beginning of the video, it’s about saying goodbye to friends and family that have passed that he never got to say goodbye to. The song is great on the album, but it’s even better live. Glenn has such an amazing voice. It’s hard to believe that someone can hit all those high notes at 59, since many singers get a lower register over time. But not Glenn, he keeps wailing away like time’s been standing still since the early seventies. I urge everyone to check out the video of Glenn playing ”Cold” on an acoustic guitar during a press conference in Spain earlier in the year. My wife actually complemented Glenn on this version during the meet and greet, and he said it was originally written for acoustic guitar.

The band ”covered” Joe’s song ”The Ballad of John Henry.” This was one of the best songs of the night, and I’m really happy they’ve decided to include it in their repertoire. I noticed that Joe played the song on a Les Paul, which makes me wonder about the tuning. I know that he usually plays it on a baritone guitar, since otherwise you have to tune down the low E to a B. He must use really heavy gauge strings on that one! After a keyboard and organ solo by Derek Sherinian, the main set ended with the excellent ”Sista Jane” which ended with the outro to The Who’s ”Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

It was nice how they ended the show with Glenn’s Deep Purple classic ”Burn.” It has made me appreciate Deep Purple in a different way, not that I didn’t like them before, but there’s just so much good music out there that at some point you just lose track of what you should try to listen to. In conclusion I’d like to say that Black Country Communion is a great live band, with a joy for performing which is very apparent throughout the show. They make me think of another great ”super group” – Chickenfoot, who have a new album coming out in September. My thanks to Black Country Communion for coming to Sweden, and thanks for a great meet and greet.


Start: 19:41

01. Black Country
02. One Last Soul
03. Crossfire
04. The Battle for Hadrian’s Wall
05. Song of Yesterday
06. I Can See Your Spirit
07. Save Me
08. Cold
09. The Ballad of John Henry (Joe Bonamassa song)
10. The Outsider
11. Keyboard & Organ Solo by Derek Sherinian
12. The Great Divide
13. Sista Jane (w/ The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again outro)

14. Man In the Middle
15. Burn (Deep Purple cover)

End: 21:25









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  1. Hello
    Jag var också på BCC samtidigt med dej. Har en sida (som Du ser), som kommer att innehålla lite bra musiktips, med betoning på blues. Den är bara i sin linda ännu, men tanken är att det ska fyllas på efter hand. Du skrev en väldigt bra recension, och jag undrar om jag får länka till den?

    PS. Har biljett till JB´s konsert i Hammersmith 0kt. 21. Kommer att skriva om det sen DS

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