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Bigbang – Göta Källare, Stockholm, 2011-12-09


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What a great show by Bigbang at the small club Göta Källare on Friday December 9th! For those of you that don’t know who they are, Bigbang is a trio from Norway consisting of Øystein Greni on guitar and vocals, Olaf Olsen on drums, and bassist Nikolai Eilertsen. They play their own blend of rock music that is heavily influenced by classic rock from the sixties and seventies. One band that comes to mind is Cream – both visually and musically. What makes Bigbang so good is Øystein’s stage presence and ability to entertain a crowd, but also the fact that all three members are so in sync with each other, which makes the music really dynamic.

The wife and I stood front and center right up against the stage. The band was really great and gave it all even though there were only a few hundred people in the crowd. They opened with the instrumental ”Major Pronin” which sounded great. Whenever Øystein would come out to the edge of the stage for a guitar solo, I would have to duck to avoid getting hit by the guitar neck – that’s how close to the stage we were! My favorite songs of the night were ”Where the World Comes To An End,” ”Wild Bird,” and ”To The Mountains.” Øystein acutally stage dived right over our heads during ”To The Mountains” – very cool indeed!

Because we were standing so close, we actually got the perfect live sound as opposed to hearing the concert through the PA like you normally do when you stand further back. The bass came straight from Nikolai’s bass amp, and the guitar straight from Øystein’s Fender and Vox amps while Olaf’s drums came through unmiked right in front of us. I also have to say that the crowd was really good, with everyone singing along, and jumping up and down.

A song that I wasn’t familiar with before but that I’ve really started to like since the concert is ”Isabel” from Bigbang’s album Edendale from 2009. Øystein played it on a Fender Stratocaster with a capo on the four lowest strings (E-G) and the B, and high E string open. The whole song is great with its haunting feel, but the solo at the end is just fantastic! Speaking of guitars, Øystein had some beautiful ones with him. It was the sunburst Stratocaster that I just mentioned, a Rickenbacker 12-string that he used for ”From a Distance,” and a beautiful vintage Gibson Les Paul Goldtop. He also had two really nice Harmony Stratotone guitars, one of which was in a Newport Green color. The concert ended with ”Girl in Oslo” which is a really fun song live when everyone in the audience is singing along. Thanks for a great show guys and please come back soon. I will keep spreading the word about this awesome band!

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Start: 20:35

01. Major Pronin
02. Call Me
03. Where the World Comes to an End
04. Cigarette
05. Nothing Finished Yet
06. From a Distance
07. Wild Bird
08. Isabel
09. My First Time
10. Hurricane Boy
11. New Woman
12. Sing and Dance
13. To The Mountains

14. Something Special
15. A Thousand Times Over
16. Girl in Oslo

End: 22:10


Øystein Greni rocking out on stage.
I’m the long haired dude with the goatee right in front. :-)
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  1. HeatherJ says:

    I like that first picture of the band and the crowd. Very nice!

  2. JimmyB says:

    Thanks To HeatherJ for that comment :)

    And thanks to goatee man in the front, who posted this and linked to my web :)


  3. Daniel says:

    Hey no problem! It’s a great picture Jimmy. Your whole photo set is great. :)

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