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Lenny Kravitz – Gröna Lund, Stockholm, 2012-06-12


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Being how this concert was held at an amusement park with access to the concert included in the regular admission price, it could have been a real disaster. I am really not a fan of free concerts, since it dilutes the audience way too much. But as luck would have it, Lenny Kravitz at Gröna Lund in Stockholm would turn out to be a great show, on par with the previous three times I’ve seen him live.

After meeting opening act Vintage Trouble’s singer Ty Taylor for a quick photo-op, we managed to squeeze our way to about 5 meters from the stage just in time for Lenny to start. Opening with “Come On Get It” from his latest album Black and White America Lenny went on playing one of the best sets I’ve seen from him. I got to hear pretty much every song I wanted to hear, my favorites being “Always on the Run,” “Fields of Joy,” “Mr. Cab Driver,” and “Believe.”

Lenny’s band sounded great as always, with a horn section that got quite a bit of room. I also really like when Lenny and guitarist Craig Ross stand with their backs against one another trading guitar licks – that’s just pure rock n’ roll. Craig’s solo in “Believe” was fantastic. I love how it builds to a crescendo. I was very happy that “Black and White America” was still in the set. In my opinion it’s Lenny’s best song since he released the album 5 fourteen years ago. I was pleased to hear “Where Are We Runnin’?” in the set. It’s great that Lenny picks songs from pretty much every album, I just wish he’d do “Supersoulfighter,” and “Live” as well.

It seemed like Lenny was having a blast, and he was quite amused when his guitar tech decided to take a ride on Gröna Lund’s Free Fall mid-song. The concert ended with a twenty minute plus version of “Let Love Rule,” probably the longest one I’ve heard him do so far. Lenny worked his way past the front row with everyone singing along to the chorus. At one point Vintage Trouble’s Ty Taylor also got to take the mic. The fact that Lenny Kravitz managed to turn a bad location in to a great concert experience proves what a talented performer he is. As I left Gröna Lund to the sound of Jimi Hendrix’ “All Along The Watchtower” playing through the PA (Kravitz always plays this after his shows) I felt excited by what a great show I’d just seen, while at the same time sending out a wish that the next Lenny Kravitz show in Stockholm will be indoors, perhaps at Cirkus, just up the street from Gröna Lund.


Start: 20:15

01. Come On Get It
02. Always on the Run
03. American Woman (The Guess Who cover)
04. It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over
05. Mr. Cab Driver
06. Instrumental Jam
07. Black And White America
08. Fields of Joy
09. Stand By My Woman
10. Believe
11. Stand
12. Rock Star City Life
13. Where Are We Runnin’?
14. Fly Away
15. Are You Gonna Go My Way

Encore: (21:33)
16. Let Love Rule

End: 21:58

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  1. Lenny has become a lasting element in the music world. I didn’t think that would be the case in his early days.

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