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Billie Joe Armstrong and the Gibson Les Paul Junior

2012-09-04 | Posted in Music News

Do you know who “Floyd” is? Check out my latest feature for about Green Day singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and his love for the Gibson Les Paul Junior. While you’re at it, be sure to check out his awesome new signature guitar as well – the Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Junior Double Cut.

Billie Joe Armstrong and the Gibson Les Paul Junior

Tear Drops on the City

2011-06-19 | Posted in Music News

I’m Incredibly sad to hear that Clarence Clemons passed away last night. One of my fondest concert memories is that of Bruce Springsteen, and Clarence walking on to the stage together in Gothenburg on July 5th 2008, with Clarence wearing a scarf with a Swedish flag pattern on it. The joy I felt at finally seeing these two musical legends for real can’t even be described. Luckily I got to see Clarence three more times the following year. I will always cherish those three nights in Stockholm 2009, and especially Clarence’s sax solos on “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” and “Jungle Land.” R.I.P. Big Man :(

New Music From Def Leppard

2011-04-17 | Posted in Music News

Def Leppard’s new single, Undefeated surfaced earlier this week, on April 12th to be correct. The song is one of three new studio tracks off of the British rockers upcoming live CD/DVD combo, Mirrorball. The first thing that strikes me upon hearing the song is amazement at yet another fantastic guitar riff by Phil Collen. The second thing is how reminiscent the first couple of vocal lines are to Def Leppard’s 1992 single Let’s Get Rocked. But there you have it, Def Leppard have realized one of the most important lessons a band that’s been around for 30+ years can learn: Give the fans what they want!

After more or less successful forays towards the alternative scene with 1996’s Slang, and X from 2002, Def Leppard goes for the sound that made them popular in the first place. Undefeated is a hard-hitting rocker with a soaring chorus and big guitars that makes even the most introverted individual want to jump up and down to the beat. The Lep’s have a US tour together with Heart lined up for the summer. Does that mean we can hope to see them in Europe in the fall?

Bono Karaoke

2011-04-15 | Posted in Music News

Imagine walking in to a karaoke bar to find none other than Bono up on stage doing Psycho Killer by Talking Heads. Well, that’s what happened to the patrons of Bar Secreto in Sao Paulo last night. Bono, along with band mates Larry Mullen Jr., and The Edge, as well as Dom Howard from Muse decided to celebrate the final show of the South American leg of the U2 360 Tour by doing some karaoke. The karaoke event, with a live backing band, is a recurring feature every Thursday at Bar Secreto.

Aside from Bono’s performance, which had both Dom and Larry on drums, The Edge did David Bowie’s Let’s Dance, and the Stones’ Miss You. Larry took up vocal duties for Wild Rover, a song which he occasionally performed on stage with U2 during the Zoo TV Tour.